The Tanjent Laboratories

Ludum Dare - 48 hour solo competition entries

LD#35 - The Quest of Shapeless Island
ShapelessReturn the Shapes to the King!
LD#34 - Lillypup
LillypupBe a little pup for a day in this RPG!
LD#33 - KleenEmUp
KleenEmUpEat the heroes and earn points.
LD#32 - Tranquility
TranquilityClean Castle Tranquility of Monsters!
LD#31 - Tacit
TacitFind the source of silence without using your eyes.
LD#30 - Spirit Aerie
Spirit AerieCollect animal spirits and save the world from the machines
LD#29 - GuppyShark
GuppySharkBeach balls, Sharks, Trident

Ludum Dare - Mini LD

MiniLD#58 - Ponquest
PonquestEscape the temple back to the Pong universe.

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